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Why is it worth to bet on e-mail marketing?

Why is it worth to bet on e-mail marketing?

It is one of the oldest and most common forms of e-marketing. It is based on a relatively simple mechanism, which utilises electronic mail as the main form of contact with user.

However, it is neglected in the time of developing digital marketing and more advanced forms of reaching customers. That is a mistake! Well managed and implemented e-mail marketing can still bring significant profits and return of investment. What other advantages does e-mail marketing have?

Small investment, high efficiency

The costs of investing in e-mail marketing are relatively low in relation to the efficiency of this marketing form. It is also characterised by scalability, which allows for a flexible approach to budget depending on the size of recipient base. It should be stressed that the effects of e-mail marketing actions are measurable and relatively quickly visible. You don’t have to wait long until the return of investment.

Encourage to action

The purpose of mentioned marketing form is to motivate the recipient to a specific action. A well-planned campaign has a great potential for success. Aside from long-term effects, such as building a relationship with customer, you are able to achieve numerous smaller goals. These goals include among other things: encouragement to purchase, download an e-book, use a discount coupon, or visit a website. All that counts is an effective creation and content, which build a true call to action.

Power of customisation

Tailor-made campaigns are a key to success. E-mail messages have numerous possibilities of customisation and adjusting the message to a recipient. Therefore, it is worth to collect information about users and segment them in order to create customised messages, which bring much better results. Offer birthday discounts, present individual product propositions, or remind about purchase of browsed product… The possibilities are limitless.

Omnichannel activity

The omnichannel strategy is based on the potential of using various channels to reach a customer. E-mail marketing greatly fits into this goal by enabling an efficient integration with other channels. A great example is directing traffic to social media. You want more fans? An effective e-mail marketing campaign can guarantee it.

In summary…

Although e-mail marketing is the simplest (and simultaneously the oldest) direct marketing form, you should not underestimate it. The art of marketing focuses on effectively reaching a recipient with specified message and you can achieve this goal via e-mail inbox. Let’s not forget that despite the pass of years, e-mail do not become obsolete and modern technologies allow to create remarkable creations that have nothing in common with old messages that were sent to the trash folder without a second thought.

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