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The impact of emotions on purchasing decisions

The impact of emotions on purchasing decisions

Almost every decision made by the consumer is motivated by emotions. Evoking specific impressions allows you to influence purchasing decisions and build positive associations with the brand.

Through the skillful use of emotions, we allow ourselves to consciously guide the person on the other side of the screen. When designing processes and user experiences, we should remember what reactions they can trigger and what effect we expect. It is worth planning these types of activities in advance so that they have the best possible effect.

Virtual challenges

At a time when advertising has permanently entered the realm of the Internet and websites are growing like mushrooms after the rain, the principle of “all tricks” takes on a new meaning. We are a very active generation in the Internet. There are so many stimuli that affect us that with time we stop noticing things that are important to us. We become indifferent, we automatically move our thumb along the screen. Getting the user’s attention for longer is a challenge. If nothing catches their attention, they leave and rarely return. There is no second chance on the Internet. This is why influencing the user’s emotions and influencing their purchasing decisions becomes a real art.

Seize the opportunity

One of the tricks that we can use to keep a valuable guest for longer is to emphasize the ending promotion, availability of a given product or service. We help you make a quick decision with such a procedure. We feel sorry for not taking advantage of the opportunity. It is worth emphasizing that this procedure should not be used excessively.

Make them smile

Evoking positive emotions and impressions is an indispensable factor of success. The key is to balance funny content in your content. They must have the proverbial “flavor”, not be mocking. By making our clients smile, we inspire a sense of trust. It is a very important aspect in building a positive brand image. It also has a great influence on purchasing decisions. A well-used humor will allow us to keep the user on the website, who will be happy to come back to us. It will also distinguish us from the competition.


Another of the allowed tricks is motivation – to act, to be willing to buy, cheering to make a decision, to take the next step. Through motivation, we address the recipient directly and shorten the distance between ourselves. We identify with the recipient, we work in one team. It’s important to give the feeling that impossible things can become possible. We encourage to take action thanks to effective call to action.

Build up tension

Another practice that can work wonders in acquiring customers is building up tension and curiosity. Reasonable and balanced stimulation of the recipient’s needs, emphasizing the innovation of your product is like leading the user by the hand to the shopping cart. If only it is not exaggerated and over-colored it carries a high probability of success. Just keep moderation and arouse curiosity.

Know the recipient

It is worth using the above-mentioned measures to help the client make a decision. Let’s also not forget that the recipient may have different feelings than the person creating the content. Misunderstanding the user is a common mistake in building a relationship with them. Therefore, research and analysis are important, thanks to which we can get to know our target group, to become familiar with it and be able to adapt to it.

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