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How to start journey with Online Marketing

How to start journey with Online Marketing

The world of online marketing knows no boundaries, creating a real ocean of possibilities. Robert Baumann, Director of the Innovation Department reveals how to make a good impression on an interview.

In my media career I successfully managed to employ, introduce and train numerous talented people. I am always proud when a person I had the opportunity to introduce into the performance arcana is successful.

Robert Baumann

I also know how it was at the beginning. Therefore, I decided to share my knowledge with you. Simultaneously, I hope, facilitate your start in Performance Marketing. Internship of Junior position in a company that handles online marketing is a prelude to a satisfactory professional career. Although nowadays I do not lead a recruitment for internship or Junior positions, but most likely many recruiters for managers has a similar point of view.

Looking for talents

I always watch the work of our novices while looking for true talents. During recruitment process, I paid attention to few aspects, which allowed me to evaluate whether or not specific candidates have predispositions for work in Performance Marketing. I am talking about candidates who just started their adventure. People starting at the Intern or Junior level, who want to test themselves in online marketing.

Contrary to appearances, I did not focus on knowledge already possess by the candidate. Of course, understanding the definition of CPL, CR, or e.g. page view is very helpful and welcome, but it is not the deciding factor. I assume that the knowledge that can be acquired, especially in case of Interns, is one of factors encouraging candidates to take a job in this and not any other place.

Robert Baumann

Therefore, professional experience related to the industry also does not constitute as base value without which taking of the said internship or junior position becomes impossible. Similarly, to knowledge, it is welcomed, but it does not constitute as ultima ratio. Then what is the decisive factor? If the candidate is able to logically justify why he wants to work in the Internet advertisement eco-system, he gets a big plus. Those are, in my opinion, the best arguments:


Person, who had tried itself e.g. by helping to handle SEM in a family company or is an active member of scientific circle dedicated to marketing and/or studies at a related major, participates in industry events, or at least had spent some time even on a free course gives a clear signal that its candidacy is not a result of sending CV left and right.

Ability and will to learn a great dose of knowledge

I always faithfully notify that the amount of knowledge in perfo is huge and this is no exaggeration. Thus, ambitious persons will feel like fish in water. This knowledge will be exceptionally quickly verified and required, especially because internship should serve as preparation to effective work. For obvious reasons, much people on junior positions are expected to do more and do it faster, so the pace here is also especially important.

Analytical thinking

Although the daily work of a Media Buyer does not include counting integrals, but a person has to know:

  • how to calculate %
  • find corelations
  • read with comprehension
  • draw conclusions from data

It allows to make correct decisions in the scope of optimisation. In addition, Media Buyer must be able to evaluate the potential of campaign, advertisement creation, or landing page and support such evaluations with data. “Beliefs” often do not prove themselves in performance advertisement because those pursuant with actual state for today might become out of date tomorrow. The Internet undergoes constant changes.


Certainly honesty quite often appears in various manuals titled how to make a good impression at interview. There’s nothing weird about it. If someone places marketing as a hobby in CV, but later cannot provide answer to a question such as what marketing related book did you read recently?, then such person simply will not inspire the trust of a recruiter. This also concerns small things. It happened to me that someone decided to write down computer games as a hobby probably due to lack of better hobbies. I gladly touch such subject as a gamer. It turned out that the person, with whom I talked, knew only one game in exceptionally superficial way. Such small beautifiers can later impinge on the whole conversation. Because what guarantee there is that a person dishonest in small things will be honest in mor complex issues related to responsibility?


Is this another attempt to get an internship or just another internship because you did not manage to get on board after previous internships? There is nothing to be ashamed of. I know really well that there are places, where internship is a dead end. Not every company looks at internship with cross-cutting and future in mind. Or maybe this is your first attempt? You want to rebrand or you have reached a conclusion that it is time to build professional career? Tell about in at the interview because your motivations will certify about your determination.

Join us

The world of Online Marketing is caried and rich. It is a true ocean of possibilities. It allows to gain several specialisations divided into channels, technology, or type of tasks or expand one specific field. Basically, you can continuously learn and develop. It can be said that Internet marketing allows for as much as the Internet itself. If this is what sounds interesting for you, you must send your CV to us. Who knows, maybe I will participate in cutting of another diamond during one of internal trainings or partnership.

We are creative. We are innovative. We are INTREDO

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